Sample Reports & Take-offs

Our experience in commercial flooring centers around products we're most familiar with and have direct access to (samples, technical data, product specifications, etc). There are many more brands that are available and we'll be happy to offer quantity take-offs on.

Below are several example of past reports, which illustrate our take-offs. Similar files, such as these, will be submitted for your project, in PDF and Microsoft Excel formats (files will be offered in ZIP format, due to their size).

Catholic Healthcare West - Hospital

This is an example of a entire hospital floor, that is in full color and shows: 1. Colored Area Keycode; 2. Material Take-off; 3. Colored Area Keycode with Seam Diagram. Please open for larger picture. These will be PDF format.


Same example, except that the plans have a color grid instead of full color, showing: 1. Colored Area Keycode with Seams; 2. Material Take-off; 3. Colored Area Keycode with Seam Diagram. Please open for larger picture. These will be PDF format.


Here is the quantified material take-off, with all the specified products and listed on the Finish Schedule, quantified to reflect the total gross amounts needed for this project. (in Excel format)

This is the main file that you'll need for the take-off quantities.

Colusa County Outreach Facility - Yuba Community College

This is an example that envolves carpeting, resilient, sealed concrete, and dyed polished concrete. Below you will find PDF and EXCEL reports, similar to those that you'll receive from us. PDF


Colored Take-off Report (2 pages - PDF File Format)

Colored Product Keycode with Seam Diagram (1 page - PDF File)

Zoom Sample on a Specific Area (1 page - PDF File)

Final Quantified Material Take-off Report (EXCEL File)

* Let your customers know which areas are scheduled for installation with color coded floorplans.

* Prepare clients for furniture moving, cubical lift ups, and IT coordination.

* Set precise limits, by date and floor covering area, to guide your installers for easier installation.

There is not one project out there that will be the same as the next - each with unique characteristics and details, even if the same architect or the same layout is used. There are lots of factors to consider when estimating commercial flooring and we do just that.

Additionally, if you have a colored plotter, you will be able to download the Callidus Viewer and print full scale colored plans, for presentation or installation purposes. Or you may request to have us save the files in larger size PDF formats, such as Architectual sizes C, D, E, to be printed at your nearest reprographics shop.

Other Brands

We will take in consideration other brand names, then those listed above, however, we are most familiar with the brands listed above.

Your Company's Logo

You may provide us with your company's logo and we'll make it appear on every report page, for a more professional look. If you don't have a logo available, you may request that your company's name and address be added instead.

Additions & Editing

If we have estimated the project for you, we will also be able to custom edit or modify any part of the estimate.

Considering splitting up the project in stages/phases? No problem, we can color code each area and give you the exact materials needed for each phase. Making things easier on you, your purchasing department and your installer.

Everything can be manipulated to your approval, as long as the plans & detail provided are accurate. (hourly fees do apply)

Advanced Users - Viewer

For the advanced users, there is a free software viewer, offered by the makers of Callidus.

This viewer will allow you to view the files in the same estimating program I use, but you will not be able to use any of the quantifing functions. This might help you if you wish to print (on your own plotter or printers) or zoom (only on your monitor) the actual project.

For these features, you will have to download the viewer directly from Callidus. Click Here...

You will have to request the Callidus files directly from us & we'll email them to you.

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